Long overdue.

Ping Pong Matrix style: http://www.ntv.co.jp/channel/asx/hkzkt10.asx. The quality is a little low, but worth watching.

I was thinking today about what being a “gaijin” really means. To me, the word “gaijin” can have negative connotations depending on the context, but all it really means is “outsider.” In fact, there are many “gaijin” in Japan today who were “gaijin” in their own countries as well. In fact, when I look around at the other Westerners here, which I rarely do, there is a peculiar reticence to acknowledge other Western people, be it eye contact or actually walking up and talking to someone. It’s really an interesting dynamic. Of course, I’m part of the problem, too. I don’t want to have the same conversation with yet another person, the “why did you come, how long you been here…” conversation. It’s eerily reminiscent of what I imagine prison conversation to be like, except with cooler cell phones.

Anyway, I’m still enjoying myself. Those of you I haven’t emailed in a while, I’m sorry, I’ve been totally swamped. You should all have emails now. Thanks, Pizza Hut! Oh, they have Pizza Hut in Japan. It’s good. Perfect duplication, but with more corn and salmon toppings.

6 Responses to “Long overdue.”

  1. Ray Vazquez says:

    Corn! And salmon! Those Japanese people really do know how to make everything better!

  2. Michele says:

    Didn’t I send that to you?

    Not that it isn’t Japanese … but I just was curious.

    I miss you.

  3. Ryland says:

    I’m totally going to call a Pizza Hut here and ask for a large corn/salmon pie. And when they inevitably turn me down, I’ll scream at them for 2 minutes and call them racists.

  4. Marc says:

    Ryland, good idea. Until the pizza arrives… Then maybe you’ll be sorry.

  5. Aunt Dahlia says:

    Great pictures! Looks like the game was fun. It is always nice when the “home” team wins. You weren’t dissing New Yorkers,now, were you :) ….Rumor has it you may be becoming one….Enjoy the folks visit. Love, Aunt Dahlia

  6. E says:

    Yes, I noticed the strange thing about other gaijin not acknowledging your existence. Not something I have found anywhere else. What is it about? It seemed more to me than just avoiding boring conversation. I thought it was “I am a bold adventurer — I am not going to admit that I am not unique”.

    About gaijin as “outsider”, in Haiti they use “white” like that — certainly for visitng professionals — much to the bemusement of people whose skin colour has never put them in that category before.