Last night…

…at my train station I ran into another foreigner (rare) and he’s an AEON teacher! His name is Dan and he’s from outside Chicago. What are the odds, right? So he’s like, “Let’s check out this cool bar I know!” So we go to this random bar about 5 minutes from the station which I bike past every day. We stop in, and he’s obviously been there before because he’s greeted like a king by the bartender! “Dan-san! Konbanwa! Dare desu ka?!” He’s all “who’s this other guy?” So we chat a bit in Japanese and get some beer and snacks. After about a half-hour or so, he pulls a DVD from behind the bar and hands it to us. It’s “Terminator 3,” which I think is still in the theatres, isn’t it? Anyway, he pops in the DVD and we proceed to hang out, drink beer, and watch T3. I finally stagger home around 3am or so and now it’s time for work. Ugh.

2 Responses to “Last night…”

  1. Shannon says:

    Those are the bizarre kind of experiences that always make for the best stories!

  2. Lisa says:

    Hi Mark,
    I just visited your site after a long break of not seeing it and I have to say you are having some remarkable experiences and the pictures are great! That said, your name is popping up more and more frequently amongst the McKellogers and we all miss you. We’ll be so happy to see you back in NYC!
    Love, Lisa