I suck! and Questions answered, Random rant, and pix…

First, I SUCK! I know I need to be updating more, so I’m sorry I’ve been lazy/busy/what-have you. I am a bad person. It’s that simple.

Second, let’s give the people what they want: ANSWERS!

A salaryman is a middle-aged Japanese male (think stereotype here) who wears the standard suit and tie and works for some nameless, faceless giant zaibatsu (giant corporation). He may or may not have a family, but he doesn’t see them that often, regardless. He gets himself stinking drunk with his co-workers nightly (or so it seems judging by the train odor and the pictures in previous posts). Basically, he is your idea of a Japanese businessman, crooning “My Way” in a horrible accent into a karaoke machine.

There are no salarywomen, although there are “Office Ladies”, or “OL’s” who are sort of the equivalent, but not as well-paid or respected, although they work harder and have shittier jobs.

The dollar value of that peach, at the latest exchange rate, is about $72! And no, not alll the fruit wear hats.

On another note, I’ve decided to start a series of rants about Japan. So far, everything here has remained more or less neutral with the exception of one or two posts. That changes NOW. Japan is driving me slightly batty. For example, I work in a very populated area in Osaka so, naturally, I have to dodge a lot of people just walking around. Today, I was SHOVED aside on my way to lunch by one of the aforementioned salarymen. This was no gentle push, but a downright heave-ho. I think normallly, it wouldn’t have bothered me a LOT, but lately, things everywhere have been pushing me a bit to the edge, and that really made me nuts. I started swearing (in English of course), but he was in such a hurry he didn’t get the full blast of my (no doubt incomprehensible) English. There’s just no rhyme or reason with this many people in a public place. Everyone just goes willy-nilly, and no one seems to go in a particular direction. This results in a free-for-all when you try to walk anywhere. Imagine the scene in “The Matrix” when Keanu Reeves walks through all the people and he’s buffeted on all sides while Laurence Fishburne walks unscathed trhough the crowd. I’m Keanu. And that sucks.

Also, before I end this post, here’s some pix from the farewell party and Scott’s visit:

3 Responses to “I suck! and Questions answered, Random rant, and pix…”

  1. Ben says:

    Hey Baiz – I assume the “Satan rules!” hand gestures are the results of one of your lessons? If so: good idea! I’m going to start teaching my middle schoolers that. Pretty soon, instead of “How are you?”/”I’mfinethankyouandyou?”, it’ll be “How are you?”/”The Dark Lord demands your soul! Submit!” Fun!

  2. Marc says:

    Of course! Naturally, I told them it meant “rock and roll”, and not “I worship the Dark Lord.” Although the difference is slight.

  3. Brodie says:

    Next thing you know you’ll have them singing “Double Team” and other poignant songs from The D. Long Live The D!