28 days and I’m back in the USA! I’ll be returning to NYC on Dec. 19th and I’m simultaneously excited and nostalgic, even though I haven’t left yet. If anyone has any ideas for what I should do when I return, I’m all ears..er…eyes.

My bike has been officially stolen, so I bought a new one last weekend. I’ll sell it, and my VCR (and all the tapes), to the new teacher when she gets here.

As to the “gaijin” phenomenon, I know I’m hesitant to approach someone else because, honestly, I assume the worst about the person until proven otherwise. My first thought is, “Why are they here? Something must be wrong with them to be here.” I find, in general, the people I’ve met here are either really interesting/eccentric and I want to hang out with them or pretty strange and I don’t want to talk to them. I’m not sure where I fall in the mix, but I’m lucky that the people I work with all fall under the “interesting” category.

This weekend, Ben and Jon Lackman are coming to visit because I’m turning 30! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Okay, more pix from Paul and Deb’s visit: