Half here.

It’s wierd, I find myself looking for Asian people around NY, so I can find a Japanese person to talk to. Funny, right? I guess I just want to keep up my language skill and I haven’t spoken it since I got off the plane, really. Soon I’m going to find out about classes.

As far as what’s next, I feel totally lost and adrift. I’m not even sure I want to stay in New York. I feel like I’m half-here, like everything around me isn’t quite real, that it could disappear if I look too hard. I wish I had some sort of solid plan, but I don’t. It’s hard to be back.

I went for a walk today to try to clear my head, and I got some pix of NYC at Christmas.


2 Responses to “Half here.”

  1. lizy says:

    Nice to see what NYC looks like. Beautiful photos! You remind me of my feeling when i got back from another country after a year. I know exactly how you feel right now. But you’ve lived in Japan for a year, you can do anything if you try, like you did there. Just keep moving! Doon’t worry, you will never find wild pigs which are bigger than the mountain.( i don’t think no one understand what i’m talking about, sorry.) Relax for a while and you’ll find something someday soon. Now I can say I was lucky to have had the time to `think` about things even i didn’t want it at that time I got back from another country. And I feel lucky now because I found nice pix of NYC today:) These small things make me happy, YOU made my day! Thank you!
    And good luck!!

  2. Joe Rivera says:

    You didn’t eat those fries did you? Glad your back Marc. Happy Holidays!